Welcome Phuoc Long 66 barge to join Gemadept's fleet

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On the morning of December 13, 2021, Phuoc Long Port (PIP) launched the Phuoc Long 66 barge with a capacity of 248 TEUs at SSMI Binh Trieu shipyard to put it into operation. Previously, on December 8, 2021, the Phuoc Long 64 barge (248 TEUs) was also successfully launched and put into operation.

As a self-propelled barge with a capacity of 248 TEUs, Phuoc Long 66 is one of the few largest and most advanced river vessels in Vietnam today.

Continuously increasing the number of large-capacity river vessels being put into operation, Gemadept's fleet has grew its transportation capacity, meeting the demand for inland waterway transport in particular, multimodal transport in general, supplying customers with outstanding service quality, and at the same time contribute to solving the on land traffic congestion in the big cities of South Vietnam.

With Gemadept's best efforts to meet the needs of the market when Vietnam's economy gradually stabilizes in the new normal and starts to accelerate at the end of the year as well as having positive prospects in 2022, Gemadept will continue to invest and put into operation a series of new generation river vessel with large capacity, actively expanding the network of partners, developing more services and new routes; increasing transportation activities, inland waterway transportation, optimal operation, connecting the chain of ports from the North to the South and maximizing the Port - Logistics ecosystem of Gemadept towards strong and sustainable development.




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