Nam Dinh Vu Port welcome a new service line of the shipping allience of RCL – PIL – IAL – CUL

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On November 30, 2021, Nam Dinh Vu Port (NDV), a part of Gemadept's Ports in Hai Phong, joyfully received and successfully operated the first ship of the service line 'S5' docked at the port. NDV - MV SATTHA BHUM of RCL Shipping Line with a hull length of 211m and a tonnage of 39,000 DWT. The new highly optimized service 'S5' is jointly operated by four major shipping lines, RCL (RWA1), PIL (SIX), IAL (CIH) and CUL (CIS). 

The welcoming ceremony was solemnly and thoughtfully organized by Nam Dinh Vu Port in compliance with pandemic prevention and control (PCD) regulations. The ceremony took place with the joy and excitement of the participants including the Board of Directors of Gemadept Port units in Hai Phong, representatives of NDV Port staff and representatives of shipping lines participating in the service line 'S5. '. 

After only 22 hours of high-productivity and professional handling, Nam Dinh Vu Port has completed a total of 1,243 moves of imports and exports, equivalent to 1,584 TEUs through, ensuring the committed average loading and unloading capacity, reaching 58 moves/hour. This not only shows the high commitment, service quality and concentration in NDV port, but also all ports in the port system of Gemadept to best serve customer and partners requirements 

In the context of the global supply chain and the shipping market being volatile, the establishment of the 'S5' shipping route, calling at key ports such as Nansha, Shekou, Singapore, Mundra, etc. will gradually contribute to stabilizing and promoting the movement of goods in intra-Asia in general and Hai Phong in particular. 

In the last months of 2021, Gemadept continuously received good news at Northern Port, a remarkable achievement from the Company's great efforts to promote production and business activities and attract more customers. support from shipping lines, efforts to accelerate to the finish line in the 2021 plan, and at the same time create momentum for strong growth next year. 

Towards the Vision 2025, Gemadept is actively promoting the preparation for the commencement of Phase 2 of the Nam Dinh Vu Port cluster project to be ready to put the project into operation from 2023, catching the opportunity of the good movement from upstream, together with the increase in import and export demand, will attract strong investment of the entire Northern key economic region in the future. 

* Some pictures of Nam Dinh Vu Port welcoming the MV SATTHA BHUM of RCL on November 30, 2021












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