Gemadept joins to continue metro Vietnam journey

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On December 7, 2021, the next 6 carriages of train No.8, 9 of Metro line No.1 (Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien) docked at Khanh Hoi port. In December 10 and December 13, Gemadept has once again worked closely with the investors and the contractors to transport the train carriages to Long Binh depot in Thu Duc city.

These carriages belong to 8th,  9th trains of the Metro line No.1 were transported by ocean-going ships from Kasado factory (Japan) to Ho Chi Minh City from November 20. However, due to unfavorable weather, on December 7th, the ship arrived at No.0 buoy in Vung Tau waters, before being towed to Khanh Hoi port and then transported by Gemadept to Long Binh depot in Thu Duc city (Ho Chi Minh city) at dawn on December 10 and 13. Later, the carriages will be assembled and put into trial operation. 

Metro carriages in bright blue and white paint are lowered from the train to specialized vehicles that are already on standby on the berth. Each carriage is 21m long, 4m wide, 3m high and weighs 37 tons. 

As the leading carrier of Out-of-Gaule (OOG) cargo in the market, Gemadept always ensures absolute safety during the transportation of carriages from the port to the planned destination. The company uses a fleet of specialized vehicles made in Germany with signal lights, brake lines connecting between trailer axles, controlled by hydraulic system to minimize shock ballast, helping the fleet of vehicles is perfectly balanced during travel on the road, also Gemadept’s drivers and technicians are experienced and proficient in operation. 

The Gemadept’s transportation plan is carefully calculated by to every detail, meeting the strict technical requirements of the project and the regulations of the relevant agencies and departments. 

The route of the convoy through the crowded inner-city roads including Nguyen Tat Thanh - Ton Duc Thang - Nguyen Huu Canh - Nguyen Co Thach - Mai Chi Tho - Hanoi highway - National highway 1 - No. 400 - Hoang Huu Nam - Road No. 11 with a total length of 26 km. 

According to the Management Board of Urban Railways of Ho Chi Minh City (MAUR – the investor), this time there are also two trains No.10 and No.11 (each train has 3 carriages) also imported. The ship carrying these 6 carriages has arrived in Vung Tau and expected to dock in Ho Chi Minh City on December 8, and then will continue to be transported by Gemadept to Long Binh depot on the morning of December 15 and 17, 2021. Same shipment with 4 metro trains, there is a driving simulator train imported by the investor to serve the training and trial operation. After transported 4 more trains to Ho Chi Minh City, now Metro Line No.1 has a total of 11 out of 17 trains returned. 

Following the success of the previous Metro trains transportation, Gemadept will continue to handle the safe transportation of the remaining Metro trains, contributing to the early completion and operation of Metro Line No.1 to satisfy expectations of Ho Chi Minh City people and people in the whole country. 

Gemadept is proud to contribute to key national and regional projects including to the chain that brings Vietnamese people's "Metro dream" into reality, which makes Ho Chi Minh City to be more and more developed, civilized and modern. 

* Image of the 8th and 9th trains of Metro Line 1 being loaded and transported from Khanh Hoi port to Long Binh depot on specialized equipment of Gemadept.




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