Gemadept appears in Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion 2023

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This year’s Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion list focuses on chip manufacturing and related industries

Forbes recently announced the list of Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion (Asia's best businesses with revenue under a billion USD) in 2023.

Vietnam has four representatives appearing on Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion this year: Duc Giang Chemical Group Joint Stock Company (DGC), Gemadept Corporation (GMD), Hai An Transport and Stevedoring Co., Ltd. (HAH), and Thien Long Group Corproation (TLG). The revenues of the above companies are USD 617 million, USD 167 million, USD 137 million, and USD 150 million.


This year's list focuses on chip manufacturing and related industries, such as semiconductors. Semiconductors appear in everyday items such as smartphones, home appliances, and cars. The demand for semiconductors has skyrocketed in the past three years with the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. However, the semiconductor market is expected to contract somewhat this year due to global supply disruptions.

Other companies appearing on this year's list include companies providing IT solutions that underpin digital transformation in healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing, among other industries.

Gemadept is honored to appear on Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion

Meanwhile, businesses that rely on consumer spending, such as restaurants, entertainment, and sports, continued to see increased sales as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. This year's list includes 58 businesses that already appeared last year.




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